Nicki Minaj looks like a cross between a Victoria’s Secret model and a Carnivale queen in the video for her song “Pound the Alarm,” a tribute to her native Trinidad.

Nicki shimmies to a throbing beat as she struts down the street followed by a menagerie of brightly colored, skimpily clad dancers.

She makes clear right off the bat, don’t call her Nicki or Roman, even though the song is off her Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded album. he adopts a whole new persona as she gets “hotter and hotter” with “her own people.”

She leads off the parade through Trinidad’s Port of Spain, and dancers join her as she walks down the narrow street. The whole scene explodes into a raucous party with dozens of dancers and confetti filling the air.

Hey! Didn’t Rihanna do something similar during Barbados’ Carnivale? Just so happens she did, but she wasn’t in a video; she was actually videoed participating in the parade in a skimpy red costume.

Other than that, Nicki makes a statement for Eastern Caribbean partying. At times, the video looks like a post card for Trinidad tourism. Tropical hillsides overlook the sparkling green ocean. In fact, the lush green hills are almost as dazzling as Nicki’s spectacular breasts, which she flashes in abundance.

The party continues into the night is crowned by a spectacular fireworks display. Check out the scene below.