Robert Pattinson and
Kristen Stewart
are so close, yet so very far apart. Stewart has been staying with her parents since the volcanic revelation that she was having an affair with her “Snow White” Director Rupert Sanders.

At least they’re not an ocean apart. Although as matters of the heart go, they might as well be.

Both moved out of their Los Angeles love nest last week when news of the affair became public. Rob was initially reported to be in London.

But today (Aug. 1), a new report, since confirmed by several publications, claims that Rob is holed up at the vacation estate of “Water for Elephants” co-star Reese Witherspoon in Ojai, Calif., which lies roughly between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

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Stewart’s parents’ home is in Woodland Hills, about 60 miles south of Witherspoon’s expansive ranch. The trip would take roughly an hour up, or down, Highway 101. Her love nest with Rob is about 25 miles from her parents’ house.

Although tabloids have been running wild with outlandish rumors about the duo, reports about Rob’s location appear to be sticking.

Beside getting solace from dad John Stewart and mom Jules Mann-Stewart, the 22-year-old actress has also turned to actress Jodie Foster for support, according to gossip site radaronline. Stewart starred with Foster in the 2002 film, “The Panic Room.”

“(Her parents) feel Kristen has really embarrassed herself and don’t blame Rob for not calling her back,” a source told the magazine. “This is not the Kristen they know.”

“Kristen’s sad and upset and desperately wishes she could turn back the clock,” an unidentified source told People magazine.

Pattinson reportedly drove up to Witherspoon’s rance in the middle of the night last week, undercutting reports that he was in London.

He and Witherspoon have kept in touch since shooting “Water for Elephants,” together. Witherspoon recently married her agent Jim Toth and is pregnant. She split from husband Ryan Phillippe in 2006.

Now the question is who will make the first move. Rob at last report had cut off all communication with Stewart until he figures things out.