Jennifer Aniston stopped traffic on the set of her new movie “We’re the Millers” with an eye-opening outfit more suitable for a teenager than a 43-year-old woman. But not to worry; she was just in character as an ex-prostitute.

After playing squeaky clean girls in rom-coms for years, Aniston been tackling more risque roles like the sex-obsessed dentist in “Horrible Bosses” and Jane in “Wanderlust” with Paul Rudd and boyfriend Justin Theroux.

The latter was about a married couple who join a commune after losing all their money. The movie was a dud, but Jen was hot to trot, as always.

Check out Jen’s photos; click to enlarge.

Always known for her sexy physique, Jen gets a chance to show it off a bit in her new picture, “We’re the Millers.” For more hot photos of Jen on the set go here.

Always known for her sexy physique, Jen gets a chance to show it off a bit in her new picture. On set, she wore Daisy-Duke, denim short-shorts and an tiny white tank top with no bra… just your basic ex-hooker deal. She often teased the look, more subtly, on “Friends.”

Luckily, the wardrobe suited the weather. The film is shooting in steamy Wilmington, N.C., with Jason Sedakis and Emma Stone. Sudeikis plays a pot dealer in the dark comedy. He’s trying to jockey a major shipment of weed out of Mexico, and hires Aniston’s character to play his wife.

Jen’s proving she’s not too old to provide the eye-candy. Check out her photos.

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