Selena Gomez and teen sensation Justin Bieber share lots with “Twilight” stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Their relationship has been way over-hyped by the tabloids. Are they the next to be rocked by scandal?

Rob and Kristen were the reigning young Hollywood super couple. After four years together, they were thought to firmly grounded in their relationship. But the past few weeks have been shocking… and not so shocking.

What’s so shocking about the relationship is the way gossip Web sites– from the trashy HollywoodLife to more respectable People–hyped it to no end. Enter the search term “Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart True Love” and Google returns more than 10,000 stories.

That made the scandal all that much worse. As any psychologist will tell you, nothing is harder on emotions than failed expectations.

What’s not so shocking is this seems to be the norm for Hollywood relationships. They don’t last long, even when couples are married. And, four years is a long time in Hollywood relationship years. Rob and Kristen were pushing it at that.

Left in the lurch, as always, are the fans who actually believed the tabloid hype. Incidentally, the tabs only make up and publish those stories because they know they play to fans’ emotions. It’s a cruel, but an effective way to get readers.

So where does that leave Selena and Justin?

Next to Rob and Kristen, they are the second most hyped relationship. A similar search with their names and the term “true love” turns up just over 6,800 stories. Needless to say, their ardent fans feel the same way about them as Twihards feel, or felt, about Rob and Kristen.

So are their fans just being set up for a let down? You bet. Selena and Justin are way too young to get married and both have ambitious career plans. Justin has already exhibited a wandering eye, (hey he’s 18) and his hip-hop friends can’t be a good influence.

Their relationship is already showing signs of cracks, recently patched up, but soon they’ll be spending a lot more time apart. And in Hollywood, as Stewart amply demonstrated, absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder.