Robert Pattinson will come out of hiding for the first time since Kristen Stewart’s sex scandal… whether he likes it or not. He’s set to appear on ABC’s “Good Morning America” to talk about upcoming film “Cosmopolis.” Will he talk Kristen?

Don’t bet on it. Rob has been extremely private about his personal affairs ever since “Twilight” launched him into the stratosphere.

The chances that he will discuss his reaction to Stewart’s cheating or provide any new details about what happened are unlikely. Since he’s there to promote the movie, he’ll likely stick to that subject.

Rob is scheduled to appear on the show Aug. 15. Unless something happens it will be his first public appearance since the scandal broke. He’s also scheduled to attend the “Cosmopolis” premiere in New York on Aug. 13. Rob has yet to make a public statement or address his fans.

Ironically, Rob plays scandalous financial mogul, Edward Packer, who is totally amoral. On a ride across Manhattan to get a haircut, Packer goes on a surreal journey into the dark recesses of urban culture.

Stewart’s affair with ‘Snow White And The Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders sent shock waves through the hordes of fans who have followed the couple’s on-screen romance as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Much of that adoration transferred to their off-screen relationship.

But Stewart affair with the 41-year-old married British filmmaker was exposed in the most tawdry fashion… by a paparazzi, who caught them in an assignation. It’s unknown whether the two are communicating, and there have been reports Kristen has been told to stay away from the “Cosmopolis” premiere.