Saucy French actress Vanessa Paradis doesn’t want to talk about her split from long-time partner Johnny Depp, then goes on to give an earful in a new interview. She talks about the pain of breaking up.

Paradis, 39, and Depp, 49, were in a relationship for 14 years and two children, Lily-Rose, 13, and Jack, 9, before the wheels came off. She was philosophical about the break up.

“I don’t have the recipe for happiness, but I think the engine is simply having the desire,” she told the French edition of Elle magazine. ‘It’s not feeling obliged or forced or repeating yourself.

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But she was reticent to go much further. “I don’t want to talk about him,” she said. “Who said that artists should sell their soul, expose everything about themselves?”

“I hate, for example, whenever you hear someone say, ‘You have work at being a couple.’ No, you have to want to be there. And for me, I want to be right where I am right now,” she added.

Although the breakup is relatively recent, the couple’s relationship has been stormy for some time. Paradis reportedly went into a jealous rage when she learned that Depp would be making the film “The Tourist” with Angelina Jolie.

She was said to have demanded that a steamy shower between the two be cut from the movie, and feared they would become involved in an affair. Her fears were realized when Depp reportedly hooked up with actress Amber Heard, 26, during filming of his movie “The Rum Diary.”

Their relationship, although never officially confirmed, was said to have presaged the breakup. Now she plans to spend time in the United States and France to be near her children. “My children are grown now, they are more independent,” she said. “My daughter loves singing above all else. Jack, he’s a guitarist.”

“I can tell you that if they decide to launch themselves into this kind of career it will be a good thing for music,” she added.
“For my part, although I do not regret what I did, I’d prefer that my daughter takes the time to learn, and, especially, to live her childhood thoroughly.”

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