Robert Pattinson Finally Offers Hint About His Feelings (watch!) 1Robert Pattinson is always loath to talk about himself during interviews, especially following girlfriend Kristen Stewart’s cheating scandal, but he finally opened up a tiny bit during a talk with “Showbiz Tonight.”

While all eyes were on ABC’s interview on “Good Morning America” today (Aug. 15) and Jon Stewart’s the night before on Comedy Central, Rob made his most revealing comments on Turner Broadcasting’s HLN.

But he didn’t say much. Rob revealed that he is coping with Stewart’s betrayal with Snow White Director Rupert Sanders by disassociating himself from the situation and the media frenzy.

“Cosmopolis” director David Cronenberg joined Rob on the set and that may have loosened him up a bit. Then the host asked Rob to set the record straight on stories that he’s drowning in his sorrows.

“Since the first ‘Twilight’ you enter this kind of realm where everything is kind of weird,” said Pattinson. “You get stuff reported about you and it is just weird.”

“Is Robert Pattinson okay?” the host asked. Rob gave a big “Yep!”

“It’s a very abstract realm that doesn’t really have a lot to do with reality,” added Cronenberg about the media coverage.

“You start having total disassociation,” Robb added.

“People think they know what’s going on, and they really don’t,” Cronenberg continued.

“And, they just make it up anyway,” said Robb laughing. “So it doesn’t make any difference.”

Check out a preview of the interview below. It airs tonight (Aug. 15) at 11 pm. on the HLN network.