Robert Pattinson was totally immersed in high finance for his role in “Cosmopolis,”  The movie premiered in New York, Monday (Aug. 15), and he’s been hitting the talk shows to promote it.  And, to dodge questions about Kristen Stewart. But at least he found something useful to do for the paparazzi who dog him.

Since Stewart’s affair with “Snow White and the Huntsman” Director Rupert Sanders was exposed in July, the intense media scrutiny that has followed the “Twilight” couple has got even crazier.

Rob, who by now is used to the attention, seems to have taken it in stride. But that doesn’t mean he likes it or approves of all the attention.

During one of the talk shows, he pointedly remarked that he didn’t get into acting for the fame and attention it draws from fans and the media. He has an issue, in particular with the flocks of photographers that dog him almost everywhere.

They’re the bane of most celebrities, but during an interview with New York Times writer David Carr he came up with a novel idea to put the paparazzi to good use.

He said paparazzi would be filling a more useful role in society if they followed bankers, because they control of billions of dollars and were more powerful than actors.

The also have the power, as recently demonstrated, to wreck the world financial system, throw the global economy into recession and cost untold millions their livelihood and homes.

“The world would be a much better place, I think, if all these bankers and billionaires were followed by paparazzi and studied as carefully,” Rob said.