What Has Miley Cyrus Done to Her Lips? Plumped? (photos) 1

Miley Cyrus hides her face in this photo (and not much else) But check out her lips on the photo page.

Miley Cyrus has added bee-stung lips to her makeover. A new full-face closeup photo appears to show greatly enlarged lips. The haircut definitely gives her a new, edgier look. But the lips! Say it ain’t so Miley.

The 19-year-old singer unveiled a total new look this week, trading her long Hannah-Montana-esque locks for a pixie cut and platinum blonde bleached hair.

She’s been posting photos of herself almost non-stop ever since, and has drawn both compliments and criticism for the radical do.  But those lips!

Check out Miley’s photos; click to enlarge.

What Has Miley Cyrus Done to Her Lips? Plumped? (photos) 2What Has Miley Cyrus Done to Her Lips? Plumped? (photos) 3What Has Miley Cyrus Done to Her Lips? Plumped? (photos) 4

Full, pouty lips are supposed to make a woman look younger, which hasn’t been the direction Miley is heading. There are several different treatments from temporary applications to full-blown surgery. But whether the look enhances a woman’s face is the subject of debate.

Over-the-counter lip plumpers that contain irritants are sold to temporarily swell lips. Topical treatments may slightly enlarge lips over time because they contain peptides or hyaluronic acid, according to experts. But there are also homemade applications.

Simply rub a small amount of cayenne pepper on your lips. It’s the main active ingredient, anyway, in many commercial plumpers.

Miley posted the photos with others that showed off her new hairdo, including one where she’s wearing a see-through blouse that exposes her black bra. She topped off the outfit with patterned leggings. “It was just one of those CUHHH-RAZY pant days,” she tweeted.  You bet!

Check out her photos and let us know what you think.