Lady Gaga's Ignores 'Little Monster' Slammed by Bodyguard (watch) 1

Lady Gaga keeps smiling as bodyguard tackles a fan.

Lady Gaga loves her fans so much she calls them her little monsters.. as long as they keep their distance. She never batted an eye or showed concern when a bodyguard collared a fan and slammed him to the ground. Where’s the fan love now?

The whole incident happened in a flash but was caught on video. Gaga couldn’t help but see what went down, but proceed on escorted by a burly goon.

Gaga hasn’t been having much luck keeping fans happy lately. She drew scorn from many for refusing to stop wearing fur and animal skins. She also slammed animal right’s group PETA, also known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and gave a shout out to Kim Kardashian.

The reality star is considered one of the worst animal abusers by the group because she wears fur and sells fur an animal skin products in her stores.

In the latest incident, Gaga was walking through a public area of the hotel lobby in Bucharest, Romania. As she neared the front door a fan carrying an autograph book and pen came through the revolving door and headed for the star.

That’s when one of her body guards jumped into action. He grabbed the man, who was heavy-set and looked to be in his 20s, around the neck, threw him to the ground and pressed him against the floor.

Gaga turned to see him, or caught a glimpse of him in her peripheral vision from behind over-sized sunglasses. She kept walking as if nothing happened.

Nicolas Constantinou, a tourist from Limassol,Cyprus, filmed the scene on his mobile phone, according to London’s Daily Mail, and posted it on YouTube.

Gaga proceeded outside where she met screaming fans, this time behind barriers and stopped to sign autographs. There were no more incidents.

“SO EXCITED to be in Romania performing at a an outdoor stadium tonight ! thank you so much for all the love from downstairs, i could hear u!,”she tweeted afterward.

Check out the video below.