Robert Pattinson's Friends Say Ditch Kristen Stewart? 1

Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge. Inset: Robert Pattinson. (Photos: INFDaily)

Robert Pattinson’s friends are reportedly lining up against Kristen Stewart, possibly killing any hopes of a reconciliation, according to a new report. But the source is anonymous, the tabloid is unreliable and it seems outside Rob’s character to be swayed by friends.

Stewart, 22, who caused the breakup because of her affair with “Snow White and the Huntsman” Director Rupert Sanders, is said to be desperate to get back with Rob, whom she’s been dating for the last four years.

She’s been out of the public eye since the blow up last month, and hasn’t spoken publicly about the matter. Rob has also steadfastly refused to comment, other than to say that he is okay.

Anything beyond that seems to be a matter of pure speculation. Now tabloid Us Weekly reports that the 26-year-old actor’s friends, including Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge, are urging him to avoid getting back with Kristen.

They have been “begging Rob to end it for good,” a source, reportedly close to Pattinson told the magazine. “They think she will hurt Rob again.”

But the report seems far-fetched for a couple of reasons. Miller, 30, had a very public, and ultimately nasty affair with actor Balthazar Getty, who was married at the time to Rosetta Millington and they have four children.

Her engagement to actor Jude Law went sour after he had an affair with the couple’s nanny. They broke up, but she made several attempts to reconcile with him, and they got back together for a time. So, it’s unlikely she would urge Rob not to do the same.

For his part, Sturridge has said publicly he is adamantly not talking about Rob’s situation to anyone. He’s a loyal friend and likely meant what he said.

Daily Show comedian Jon Stewart has been the only one so far to tell Rob to “kick her to the curb.” But that was in the context of his show, and, who knows, he may have been just angling for some laughs.

In short, the story doesn’t add up.

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