Who’s flying solo?

Liberty Ross, the stunning UK model and wife of Kristen Stewart’s lover, signaled today that her marriage to cheating 42-year-old Director Rupert Sanders is over. Now will Robert Pattinson do the same?

The message came in a simple posting on her Vogue model blog. The photo showed a condor in flight solo. Ross also has been flying without her wedding ring and is reportedly heading back to the UK.

Since the cheating scandal broke last month, Ross as well as Rob have been the center of speculation over whether they would reconcile with their respective partners.

Liberty Ross posted this photo on her Vogue blog

Both Sanders and Stewart have begged for forgiveness for the affair, which rocked Rob and Kristen’s “Twilight” fans.

There have been various reports that Liberty had forgiven the husband of her two children. While she hasn’t spoken publicly about the affair, the 33-year-old model has signaled that all is not well in her household. She reportedly wants a “clean break” and “swift and efficient” divorce, according to London’s Daily Mail.

In a blog post, written before the affair was exposed, she wrote: “We are getting some R&R on the north shore of Oahu after a lengthy press tour for ‘Snow White & The Huntsman.’ It’s so beautiful here – we are staying in an artists house right out on a point with waves crashing either side of us.”

“She has no strong ties in the U.S. nor does she want to remain here. She obviously wants them to carry on seeing their father, but she feels there is no point in staying in the U.S.,” a source told UK tabloid The People.

Rob, meanwhile, is wrapping up a press tour for his new movie, “Cosmopolis.” In several media appearances, he has refused to discuss Stewart or the scandal. There have been some reports that the two are talking, but nothing is confirmed.