Randy Prince Harry, Woman Photographed Naked in Vegas 1Prince Harry needs to be clued in about cell phone cameras. The randy royal was photographed naked alongside a naked woman in a room full of revelers during an all-night bender in Las Vegas. They photos made their way online today.

Memo to Harry: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is just a marketing slogan. It’s not really true, especially when you are a heartbeat away from the throne of England.

Prince Harry was on his way back to the UK today, which is in an uproar over the explicit photographs, according to London tabloid The Daily Mail. Critics claimed he brought the royal family into “disrepute” after they appeared on gossip site TMZ.

Harry is naked in the photos and holding a naked girl in his arms. They both were reportedly playing strip billiards in Harry’s high roller suite at the five-star Wynn Hotel and Casino. He was on a 10-day vacation to wind down from his duties at the London Olympics, and ready for some “full-on” partying.

Only problem is Harry is flying high courtesy of the British taxpayer, most of whom are locked in a prolonged recession. Questions are also being raised about the Scotland Yard security team that’s supposed to be safeguarding the prince. And, many in Briton are asking why they didn’t ban camera phones.

Check out the photos here.