Robert Pattinson has dropped subtle hints suggesting he is getting ready leave Los Angeles and return to England to live, now that his romance with Kristen Stewart has blown up in her cheating scandal.

Before he was swept to international fame by the “Twilight” saga, Pattinson, 26, was happily living in the UK where he was close to family and friends, and could enjoy some privacy.

He has often said how he misses his old life. He talks warmly about going to the local pub for a few beers or dropping in on local clubs to catch some music, and maybe play a bit himself.

After “Twilight” made him a rich international star, he set up residence in Hollywood to pursue acting opportunities for sure. But he primarily moved to Los Angeles to be with Stewart.

She was born and raised in Los Angeles in a show business family. Her father, John Stewart, works as a stage manager and television producer and mom, Jules Mann-Stewart, is a script supervisor and writer.

Robert Pattinson on Jimmy Kimmel: I’m Homeless

After living together in a rented house in Bel Air, Rob took the plunge in Sept. 2011 and bought a Spanish colonial style mansion in Loz Feliz. He paid $6.25 million for the secluded property through a trust overseen by his long-time manager.

Rob is close to his family and still stays at his parents’ house when he goes to visit. He misses his family, but was willing to relocate because of Kristen. Not any more.

He was reportedly at home watching television when Stewart said she was slipping out for a business meeting. In fact, she was going to meet Sanders for the tryst that was photographed and broadcast around the world. After the scandal broke, he and Stewart both moved out.

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Last night, he told Jimmy Kimmel that he is now homeless, amid unconfirmed reports the house is up for sale, or has been sold. Rob also revealed that he is selling all three of the cars he keeps in Los Angeles, including a Silverado pickup truck he dearly loves, a clear sign he’s leaving the area.

With Twilight and several movies under his belt, including his latest “Cosmopolis,” Rob no longer has to audition for work, another reason he doesn’t need to be in Los Angeles. He can just as easily field the many scripts he’s offered in England.

Although anything is possible, he likely will return to England for good after promotion for “Breaking Dawn, Part 2” is finished in November, just in time for Christmas with his family.