New Details Emerge About Prince Harry's Nude Vegas Romp 1Prince Harry was ready for just about anything at his blowout Las Vegas party and was all for a game of strip pool when a friend suggested it. In fact, he was the first one naked as more than 25 people looked on in amazement.

In two photos published from the party, Harry can be seen standing in front of a naked girl as she cowers behind him and behind her with his arms wrapped around her.

“He hugged her to cover her up. He went over to be the gentleman and said, ‘I’ll shield you. I’ll protect you. I won’t let them see you’. She seemed to like that very much. There were no complaints from her. She was naked in front of 25 people,” a partygoer told London tabloid The Sun.

In addition to publishing the photos, despite a threat from the royal family to pursue legal action, the newspaper also gleaned new details about Harry’s wild night from partygoers.

As it turns out, Randy Harry was at the front of the line when it came time to play strip pool. The game was simple; make a shot keep your clothes on. Miss a shot and remove one item.

Harry was the first to strip since he was only wearing one piece of clothing, a swimsuit. More than 15 girls looked on as he pulled down his pants.

“When we got to the room, Prince Harry was already there. There were about 25 people in total — at least 15 girls. There is a beautiful billiards room in the suite. One of the guys said, ‘I’ve an idea. Let’s spice up a game of pool’. Harry said, ‘Let’s f****** do it!’”

Harry missed a shot and was naked in a flash. The young girl “missed her shot and took her dress off. Then she shot again and took her bra off. Four men and two girls played, but the other girl dropped out without removing her clothes.

After the game, Harry and the girl got dressed, sat on a couch together, talking and he “offered her a beer.”

Harry later disappeared with the “pretty blonde playmate” who was pictured naked with him, a source told the newspaper.

“No one asked for our phones or anything about us when we arrived at the party. It was obvious people were taking pictures.”

Harry’s bodyguards are now under investigation in the UK because of the security breach. Harry was ordered home and returned to Britain the next day.