Taylor Swift plays boyfriend roulette in the video for her new song. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Taylor Swift fires another poison dart at a relationship with her song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” and a new video for the release has touched off speculation, once again, over the target of her venomous putdown. Jake? John? Joe?

The even money says it’s John Mayer. Joe Jonas is also a strong bet. But our money is on Jake Gyllenhaal.

Of course, it could just as easily be an old high school flame. Taylor falls hard when she falls out of love and grinds and ax with the best of them.

She’s already written three breakup songs about Jonas, “Forever and Always,” “Last Kiss” and “Better than Revenge,” so it makes sense that he could be the target of yet another. He’s also the type that would try to get back with her.

John Mayer Cries Blues Over Taylor Swift Breakup Song

He broke up with Swift over the phone to date Camilla Belle, and a couple of scenes in the video show Swift on the phone arguing with her boyfriend. Jonas broke up with Belle to date “Twilight” hottie Ashley Greene, but that ended last year. He hasn’t been with someone steady since.

On the other hand, it’s been a while since Swift and Jonas dated. They were together in 2008, and then for only three months. She’s had plenty of other relationships for inspiration in the meantime.

Swift dated Mayer from late 2009 until early 2010, and he broke up with her. Judging from the video, her boyfriend is self-centered with a huge ego and strong taste in music. That sounds like Mayer. Who else would have the balls to tell her an indie song is cooler than her song?

Taylor Swift, Jake Gyllenhaal Romance: Who Ended It?

Mayer has bounced through a number of relationships, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, Minka Kelly and of course, Jennifer Aniston. After his career threatening throat surgery, he went through a life change. He sold his New York and LA pads and moved to Montana.

He could have longed for the comfort of an old relationship again. He most recently dated Katy Perry, who may have been a rebound after Swift blew him off. But he’s already been the target of one breakup song, “Dear John.”

Then there’s Gyllenhaal. Ego? Check. Self-centered? Check. Aren’t all actors? He has all the key personality traits discerned from the video. Plus, her boyfriend sounded very condescending toward her. Gyllenhaal is 10 years older than Swift, and seems like a know-it-all type who would try to impress her with his musical knowledge.

But the clincher is their relationship, another three-month affair.

He ended it in 2010, saying she was too young for him. But they got back together again in January and February of this year, before breaking up for good. More than likely he tried again. But she was already fixed on Conor Kennedy.

Plus the timing is right; she wrote the album around the same time as their breakup. Check out the video below.