Kristen Stewart Faces New Relationship Problems at Home 1Kristen Stewart’s relationships are crumbling all around her. Mother Jules Mann-Stewart, a script supervisor and film writer has filed for divorce from father John Stewart, who works as a stage manager and television producer, according to a new report.

Her mother, originally from Queensland, Australia, has been married to Stewart for 27 years. She filed court papers Aug. 17, citing irreconcilable differences.

It’s unknown at this point whether Kristen’s cheating scandal with “Snow White” Director Rupert Sanders was a catalyst triggering the split. It shattered her four-year relationship with Robert Pattinson.

But Jules states in court papers that she has been estranged from her husband, since June 15, 2010, according to gossip site TMZ. That’s well before Kristen’s cheating scandal, which became public in July.

Oddly, Jules filed the divorce petition, “pro se,” that is, without a lawyer. The filing raises questions whether the couple is facing financial difficulties, or the split is likely uncontested with few issues dividing them.

In addition to Kristen, 22, the couple has two other children, an older brother, Cameron Stewart, and an adopted brother, Taylor Stewart.

Kristen reportedly spent some time at her parents’s house after she and Rob abandoned their Loz Feliz mansion, following their breakup. She has reportedly been trying to reconnect with Rob after issuing a public apology.