Kristen Stewart’s still getting top billing in a new “On the Road” trailer, even though she plays a secondary character in the iconic 1950s Jack Kerouac novel. So much for claims her salacious affair with “Snow White” Director Rupert Sanders is hurting her career.

Stewart is still prominently mentioned in the trailer credits behind stars Garrett Hedland who plays lead character Dean Moriarty and Sam Riley, who plays Kerouac in the guise of Sal Paradise.

The trailer is 43 seconds shorter than the international version and focuses almost exclusively on Hedland, Stewart and Riley. For example, all of the international trailer scenes featuring Kirsten Dunst have been dropped, except for one quick cut.

But the trailer also features characters not seen in the overseas version, including Steve Buscemi, who has a cameo role.

Stewart plays Marylou, a rambunctious, sexually liberated teenager who falls in with Moriarty and provides much of the movie’s sexual tension, including a nude scene involving Stewart masturbating the two men in a car as they drive down the road.

“I wanted to do it” Stewart said at Cannes about the scene. “I love pushing, I love scaring myself.”

Stewart was all about pushing the envelope before her cheating scandal, and her behavior with Sanders may have been influenced by her uninhibited character in the movie. But since they scandal broke, she’s become a virtual shrinking violet.

There were even reports that her career prospects in Hollywood had been damaged. But judging by the promotion for her new picture, just the opposite seems to be happening.

Director Walter Salles and Producer Francis Ford Coppola appear to be trying to do all the can to capitalize on her new-found notoriety. If the film takes off, she’ll be flooded with scripts.

The film will be shown on Sept. 6, at the Toronto International Film Festival and will hit theaters on Dec. 21. Stewart is scheduled to attend the Toronto showing. In the meantime, check out the trailer below.