Kris Humphries Prying Lid Off Kim Kardashian Finances 1Kris Humphries is hitting estranged wife Kim Kardashian where it hurts most, in her financial balance sheet. He’s demanding in court to know how much money they earned during their 72-day marriage.

The latest move in court suggests that behind-the-scenes talks to negotiate an end to the marriage have broken down. The filing ups the pressure on Kim to reveal her secretive finances.

The New Jersey Nets basketball player accuses the reality personality of breaching her fiduciary duty to the marriage, according to gossip site radaronline.

The filing could clear up how much, if any, money Kim made off their blowout $18 million wedding, which included lucrative product endorsements. The two-hour wedding special on E! Entertainment, which airs Kim’s reality shows, also was a blockbuster.

Kim’s momager Kris Jenner has already claimed Kim made no money off the wedding.

The legal filing claims that “husband and wife are subject to the general rules governing fiduciary relationships which control the actions of persons occupying confidential relations to each other.”

What that means is that their marital bond requires the “highest good faith and fair dealing” by each spouse. Neither can take “unfair advantage of each other.”

“Kris feels that Kim hasn’t given an honest and accurate accounting of money they made while they were married. Kris has complied with turning over his bank records, credit card statements, but Kim hasn’t, and she has been stalling,” a source told the gossip site.

Kris who has been pilloried in the tabloids by leaks from the Kardashians and their friends, no longer wants to play “Mr. Nice Guy,” the source said.

“Kris is furious about reports that he is making Kim’s life hell. It’s absolutely ridiculous, and he is telling his friends that he won’t be bullied by her anymore,” the source said.