Justin Bieber punk’d teen hottie Miley Cyrus, but it took a punk within a punk to get her. She thought all along she was pranking him, but was she wrong.

When Justin’s prank went down, Miley, who was braless, got so excited she nearly fell out of her tiny hot-pink, spaghetti-strap top.

Taylor Swift, Rob Dyrdek and Sean Kingston were also set up on the show, but Miley’s was a classic because of the double deception.

She thought she was playing a prank on Justin during MTV’s revival of the celebrity reality show last night.

Check out Miley’s Punk; click to enlarge.

Justin clued in viewers. He would play into Miley’s prank, while pulling one of his own to trick her. He planned to start a fight with some actors playing skateboarders to convince Miley her prank had backfired.

“She thinks she is hosting the show, so she is going to punk me. She’s not punking me because that’s not possible. I can’t be punked,” he brags.

Miley’s scheme involved having the skateboarders confront the Biebs after he parks his car a little to close to the area where they are riding.

Things start to go awry when one of the seemingly overenthusiastic actors pushes Bieber, causing him to explode. Bieber shoves two skaters to the ground, and kicks one while he’s down. Wow, that’s pretty low. Good thing it was all in fun.

Bieber fled the scene leaving a shocked Miley to leave the control room and go outside to check up on her injured actor.

“Oh my god, I just want to give him a cuddle,” she said.

Suddenly the Biebs reappeared and crowed: “You can’t punk me. That was all fake.”

Check out Miley’s reaction below.

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