Chevy Chase Pulls Charlie Sheen; Blasts Boss (listen!) 1Chevy Chase is no Charlie Sheen, but he doesn’t hesitate to drop a profanity-laced bomb on the suit who oversees his television show “Community.” That would be creator, Executive Producer and Showrunner Dan Harmon, whose ego is just as big.

The two have apparently become embroiled in a major feud that has caught the attention of Hollywood and turned into a blood sport, largely because of leaks online.

The timing of the feud seems a little odd. It comes when the show is seeing some of its best numbers. After returning from a long hiatus earlier this month, it’s now NBC’s second highest rated comedy behind perennial leader The Office, according to

Check out Chevy’s tirade; click to listen!

Whether it’s Sheen or Chase, it’s always amazing to see how brazenly stars talk to the people who write their checks when they are pissed off.

Apparently, things turned sour after Chase walked off the set on the last day of shooting last month without filming one of his scenes. How unprofessional is that? Chase insists he had a right to be mad.

But things turned ugly when Harmon got up at the wrap party and gave what’s been called a “Fuck you, Chevy” speech. That might not have been so bad, except Chase, his wife and daughter were at the party. Harmon even encouraged the crew to shout “fuck you” at the actor.

That led to Chase’s profanity-laden message on Harmon’s answering machine, which was promptly leaked.

Chase reportedly has been a royal pain for some time during filming, according to deadline. Both the actor and Harmon reportedly have major egos, so a clash was sort of looked at as a fait acompli.

It’s unclear whether Chase will stay on the show. Check out his phone message and you be the judge.

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