Justin Bieber Wins Favorite Male Singer at Kids Choice (watch!) 1Justin Bieber won the Favorite Male Singer blimp at the Kids Choice awards for the second year in a row. For a moment it looked like Justin would be a “no show” but the Biebs did not disappoint.

Willow Smith and Jaden Smith were the presenters and after the award was announced, Jaden threw the audience a curve ball.

“Sadly, Sadly, I’m really sorry, but Justin is not here to make it, so we’re going to accept the award for him,” Jaden said. Well, um, I really want this award..,” he started to continue. But the audience cheers suddenly grew louder.

A moment later, Justin came into camera range bounding down the aisle, giving high fives and hugs. When he passed by were girlfriend Selena Gomez was sitting, next to Taylor Swift, he grabbed her held-out hand.

Justin gave Selena’s hand a big squeeze as he rounded the corner of the front row where she was sitting and headed up to the stage, mobbed by fans.

He gave Jaden a big hug and belted out “What’s up everybody.” He wasted no time plugging his new album.

“I want to thank all my fans. Right now, I’ve been working really hard on my new album, Believe. Basically, I got to say that this album Believe is our album. I’ve been working on it so hard, I can’t wait for you to hear it.”