Jennifer Lawrence’s sexuality may not have been blatantly on display in “The Hunger Games,” but the star seems to have a healthy attitude about nudity that a surprising number of Young Hollywood actresses share.

Her smoking cover photo on Rolling Stone magazine sent a clear signal that Lawrence is a rising as the a thinking man’s sex symbol.

But the latest photos to hit the Internet from her Esquire photo shoot immediately put her in the ranks of Hollywood’s biggest sex sirens, from Marlene Dietrich to Marilyn Monroe to contemporary, A-list stars like Kirsten Dunst, Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley and Julianne Moore.

None of those actresses has ever shied away from a role because of on-screen nudity. Today’s young actresses are not only more open about nudity, but they also have a healthy attitude about getting naked if the part calls for it.

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“I’m lying down, that helps,” Dunst, 29, joked about her nude scene in “Melancholia.” in an interview with ABC’s Juju Chang.

“What we made as a film means more to me than the fact that, you know, I’m on the Internet naked,” Dunst said. “It looks beautiful. It was shot well. It’s a beautiful film. It is not something I feel embarrassed about,” she added.

Rooney Mara, 25, who was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her role in “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, was frank about her nudes scenes.

“Nudity is such a huge part of the character in the book, so I never thought twice about it. There was no time for hesitation. I didn’t have time to second-guess anything or be scared; I just showed up and was comfortable,” she said in a recent interview.

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Emily Browning, 23, also appeared nude in a number of scenes for last year’s erotic thriller “Sleeping Beauty.”

“Everybody keeps talking about how risky it was [doing nude scenes]. But I didn’t see what the potential risk was – except people not wanting to cast me in a children’s film any time soon. And that’s not the path I am wanting to take at the moment,” the Australian actress said in an interview.

Other actresses who’ve stripped down for films include Elizabeth Olsen, 23, in “Martha Marcy May Marlene,” Carey Mulligan in “Shame,” and Michelle Williams in “Blue Valentine” and “My Week With Marilyn.”

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“The movie wouldn’t have been as disturbing without it,” Olsen says matter-of-factly. “Taking away someone’s sexuality, making it something you don’t even own anymore–that’s the scariest thing.”

Mulligan also thought nudity was integral to her role in “Shame.”

“Sissy is an exhibitionist. She wants to be seen,” said the 26-year-old in an interview. “This was the ultimate introduction to exactly who she is. It introduces you to the dynamic of the relationship by just taking off their clothes.”

Evan Rachel Wood, 24, did her first nude scene in the HBO series “Mildred Pierce.”

“She was very nervous actually,” Winslet, who starred in the series, told the LA Times. “I remember doing my first full-on nude scene when I was 19, and I was absolutely terrified, so I knew how she felt.”

Winslet won a best actress Oscar for “The Reader,” a movie in which she had multiple nude scenes. The British actress encouraged Wood, who stars in HBO’s “True Blood,” to think of getting naked as an acting challenge.

“So I said to Evan, ‘You know what, here’s the thing. People are going to be talking about this scene for years, and you’re gonna’ be in it. And you’re gonna’ look back in years to come and feel so happy that you did it.”

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