Paris Hilton Gets Hilarous Diss Down Under (watch!) 1Paris Hilton had her superdiva ego shattered in a hilarious news interview in Australia, where she was paid handsomely to help open a new club at a casino in Sydney.

The 31-year-old heiress reportedly had a meltdown after the fetching blonde reporter Edwina Bartholmew asked about her fading fame.

The question was enough to get the reporter banned from further interviews that night on the red carpet of the Marquee nightclub in Sydney. Hilton was reportedly paid $1 million to attend and she showed up with boyfriend DJ Afrojack.

Things went awry when Bartholmew asked: “What about when you’re not famous anymore, what are you going to do?”

Paris replied that she “just wants to be able to have children and have a normal life with my kids.”

But afterward, her publicist went ballistic, according to gossip site radaronline.

The reporter said she was told her station would be blackballed if the question aired during the interview. Instead, the station made the threats the centerpiece of the story. It’s something you would never see on fawning U.S. celebrity television shows.

Afterward, Bartholmew revealed that Hilton had lifted the ban. “Bizarro world. @ParisHilton just emailed me to say she wasn’t offended and she thought the @sunriseon7 I/v went well. PR overreacted!”

Before the interview, Hilton also banned questions about her sex tape, her arrest and Kim Kardashian, who has largely stolen her crown as reality television queen.

Is her 15-minutes of fame over yet? Check out the video below.