Andrew Garfield has a hell of a time trying to brush his teeth as Peter Parker. Everything he touches produces very Spider-size consequences in a new Amazing Spider-Man” teaser.

Garfield is set to reprise the role of Spider-Man played in three films by Toby McGuire. The latest film, however, is a total reboot.

Garfield will portray Parker before and after he’s bitten by a radio-active spider in the Marc Webb-directed picture, based on the Marvel comic book hero.

Parker lives with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May, played by Martin Sheen and Sally Field, after his parents seemingly abandon him. He discovers a mysterious briefcase belonging to his dad, which leads to his dad’s former partner, Dr. Connors.

The discovery of his father’s secret will ultimately bring him face to face with Connors’ alter ego, the Lizard, whom he battle as Spider-Man.

Super strength, however, can be pretty unwieldy if you’re not used to it, or worse, not expecting it. Parker demolishes a tube of toothpaste, pulls off door knobs, snaps a sink spigot and generally reeks mayhem in his bathroom.

Emma Stone, 23, who is Garfield’s off-screen girlfriend, will play Peter’s love interest, Gwen Stacy, the daughter of the city’s chief of police (Dennis Leary).

Are they the next hot, Young Hollywood couple like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? They just might be after the movie hits theaters in July.

Check out the hilarious teaser below.