Kris Humphries is reportedly ready to claim that Kim Kardashian was cheating all along during their courtship and marriage with rap star Kayne West. Believe it? It’s the latest tabloid claim in the couple’s heated divorce battle.

Humphries’ lawyers, Lee A. Hutton III, general counsel of the law firm of Lommen Abdo, and Los Angeles family law experts Marshall Waller and Sandra Salinas of Feinberg & Waller have complained that Kardashian has been trashing Kris with lies and falsehoods.

Last month, they issued a statement to make clear that Kris will remain silent and save his arguments for court. But even their statement was a damning indictment of Kim’s efforts to trash her estranged husband to justify her decision to end the marriage after 72 days.

Now, the shoe is reportedly on the other foot, claims The Star one of the less reliable tabloids. Sources tell the magazine Humphries will use new evidence to prove Kim’s decision to marry him was a sham from the start.

He’s seeking an annulment on the grounds of marital fraud, which could have implications for the couple’s prenuptial agreement. Kim wants a divorce, which would be bound by the terms of the agreement.

“Kris is ready to blow the lid off all of Kim’s lies and reveal who she really is,” the source claims. “This could be a huge blow to her reputation. It would be a good idea for her to just write him a big, fat check to keep quiet.”

Kris was apparently aware that Kim was seeing West during their engagement, and she reportedly promised to cut off contact with him once they were married, but never did throughout their 72-day marriage.

Indeed, Kim and West hooked up for certain over the Christmas holidays. The two were spotted together at a New York party, and they engaged in some serious PDA.

Kardashian Hit with Cheating Claim

West’s ex-girlfriend model Amber Rose also accused Kardashian of having an affair with the rap star while Kim was dating New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush. The affair wrecked her relationship with him.

Whether the tabloid newspaper is merely putting two and two together is unknown. Their “sources” are unidentified.

Humphries is reportedly wants to have the divorce proceedings televised.