Kim Kardashian has defiantly declared that she will never stop wearing fur and deplored the tactics of an animal rights activist who dumped a bag of flour over her head and called her a “fur hag.”

The reality television personality appeared on NBC’s Today Show this morning as a co-host and talked about the Mar. 22 flour bombing by animal rights activist Christina Cho, who is a member of PETA, also known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

“I believe everyone has the choice of what they want – it’s my personal opinion,” Kim says.

“It’s not illegal to buy fur! I wear furs that are my great-grandmother’s that have initials inscribed in them, and I won’t get rid of that memory of my great grandparents. So I think it’s a personal choice and I don’t think it’s okay to assault anyone,” she said.

Animal rights groups are battling the fur industry over what they claim are cruel and inhuman practices used to to trap, raise and kill animals to make fur garments. Kim has long been a target of PETA.

Models Katie Cleary and Joanna Krupa, launched a campaign in February to protest fur sales at the outlets, which appears to have had an effect.

“We cautiously don’t carry fur in our DASH stores anymore and I don’t carry real fur in my QVC line or my Sears line,” she said.

“It’s just a little odd to me that their whole thing is non-violence towards animals, and they’re being violent towards humans,” Kardashian said. “I don’t think that assault is appropriate at all.