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James Franco Creeps Out Singing Selena Gomez Song (watch!)

James Franco Creeps Out Singing Selena Gomez Song (watch!) 1James Franco scares up a jarring, almost creepy visage as lip-syncs Selena Gomez’s hit “Love You Like A Love Song” wearing his sleazy drug dealer duds from the movie “Spring Breakers.”

Selena just wrapped up shooting the film with Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel Korine and Ashley Benson in what looked like a non-stop bikini party in St. Petersburg, Fla.

The 33-year-old actor posted the video on his WhoSay account today (Apr 7). He was wearing a scruffy goattee, cornrows and a wife beater tee-shirt, supposedly inspired by rapper Riff Raff.

Check out Selena’s photos; click to enlarge.

In the Harmony Korine film, the girls rob a restaurant to pay for a Spring Break vacation in Florida. They party like Girls Gone Wild, so much so, that Selena expressed some discomfort with some of the scenes on Twitter.

Selena, 19, may not be a party girl, but she sure knows how to play one. Probably the most straight laced of stars in the movie, the former Disney star had to learn the ropes fast.

During filming, she’s been pictured downing alcohol and dancing in public half naked. In a new scene, she even gets arrested, just like another former Disney queen, Lindsay Lohan, in real life.

Selena posted a photo on Twitter of herself and co-star Benson leaning up against a police car.

“Lol I’m so lame. Having way too much fun getting arrested,” she Tweeted.

In the movie, Franco, a drug and arms dealer, bails out the girls because he wants their help with some dirty work.

Check out the video below:

James Franco on WhoSay