Bobbi Kristina Smokes Pot on College Party Video (watch!) 1Bobbi Kristina Brown, who struggled emotionally after the tragic death of mother Whitney Houston, has been caught on a video taking hits from a huge bong, typically used to smoke marijuana.

The minute-long clip, obtained by The National Enquirer, confirms reports that Bobbi continues to do drugs even though her mother’s death was brought on by chronic drug use.

Substantial traces of cocaine were found in the singer’s body following her death by drowning on Feb. 11, on the eve of the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Bobbi was so devastated by the loss, she had to be hospitalized twice for grief and exhaustion.

But the shocking new video shows Bobbi Kristina smoking what appears to be marijuana from a three-foot-tall bong. She takes a deep toke of the smoke and coughs from the harshness.

The Enquirer, which published a shocking photo of Whitney in her coffin before her funeral service, is using the clip to launch its new iPad app that features content from the tabloid magazine. The Bobbi Kristina video first appeared on the service, called EnquirerPlus.

The video, however, is believed to have been shot in March 2011 before Whitney Houston’s death. Bobbi was said to be partying with friends at college in Statesboro, Ga.

“Give me the lighter,” Bobbi says, before firing up the bong. After coughing, she takes a second hit.

“Bobbi Kristina was staying with friends at the school and she brought along a big bag of pot for the party,” a source told the magazine. “Between tokes, Bobbi was drinking shots of Grey Goose and Skyy Blue vodka, and sipping a mixed vodka drink.”

Bobbi created a new crisis for the grief-stricken Houston family last month when she was spotted getting hot and heavy with her “brother” Nick Gordon, who is adopted, much to the distress of Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston.

Check out the video below: