Robert Pattinson in Three New Clips From Bel Ami 1“Twilight” hunk Robert Pattinson is featured in three new videos from his movie “Bel Ami” that have not been seen in the United States. They clips have been dubbed in Russian and Italian, but Rob looks good in any language.

Each clip appears to represent a different segment of the movie as Rob’s character Georges Duroy arrives in Paris hoping for better luck, following military service in Africa.

In one clip, Duroy is shown making his way to the newspaper where he’s landed a job as a writer. The street scene is bustling to convey the sense that times are booming in France, where the movie is set. George looks tentative, but also hopeful. For once, his luck may be changing.

In the second clip, culled from scenes further along in the film, Georges is on the way up the Belle Époque social ladder in Paris. He can’t take his eyes off of Madeline Forestier, played by Uma Thurman. She’s the wife of his employer, Charles Forestier, played by Philip Glenister

In the third and longest clip, Georges is at a party with Clotilde de Marelle, played by Christina Ricci. She apparently gives him the lay of the land at a party, while Georges watches his boss Froestier leave the room, opening the door for a play for his wife.

The language barrier presents a bit of a problem, but the scenes are dramatic and beautifully filmed by Hagen Bogdanski, who directed the principal photography. Check them out below.