Miley Cyrus 'Side Boob' Photo Deja Vu All Over Again 1Miley Cyrus’ “side-boob” exposure while shopping with mom, Tish Cyrus, may have been far more calculated than it seems. It’s nearly identical to a 2009 episode that resulted in the exact same photo.

In the latest incident, Miley was spotted on Tuesday (Apr. 10) wearing a loose-fitting, cutoff Iron Maiden tour shirt, without a bra, while shopping with her mother in a Calabasas, Calif. boutique.

From the side, it was possible to see almost all of her breast, especially when Miley lifted a garment, raising her arms to about shoulder height.

The move gave photographers an unobstructed view of an ample portion of her boob.

Web sites like the Huffington Post reported that it was the first time that Miley has shown so much skin.

But in January of 2009, the exact same thing happened. Miley was shopping with her mom, while paparazzi hovering outside the store’s plate glass windows.

The actress slipped into a dressing room to try on a top. She emerged wearing the loose fitting garment, and photographers snapped an almost identical “side-boob” shot. The photo went viral on the Internet as well.

In that instance, however, a law firm wrote threatening letters on Miley’s behalf, demanding removal of the photos. The firm argued that Miley was a minor, and the photos constituted unlawful “kiddie porn.” Now that she’s 19, there are no such restrictions.

Paparazzi have been hot on her trail ever since Miley emerged from a pilates class and pulled a classic upskirt move. As she got into a car, she lifted her leg just enough to expose her vagina. She wasn’t wearing underpants.

What makes the episode so hypocritical is the fact that Miley had previously complained that photographers were getting too aggressive. She even Tweeted that she is  considering moving back to Nashville to escape them.

Celebrities often use wardrobe malfunctions for publicity, and Miley has a movie coming out. So was the latest incident an accident, or accidentally on purpose?