Jessica Sanchez Gets a Big Scare on American Idol 1Jessica Sanchez got the scare of her life on “American Idol” last night. Fans booted her from the contest, but the judges used their only save to bring her back. That’s how close the competition is among the finalists.

While Jessica has one of the best voices on the show and is poised on stage, she may be lacking the necessary pop idol presence to stay much longer.

As always, the best singer doesn’t always win on this show and she wouldn’t be the first to go, despite her voice. Remember Jennifer Hudson?

It was fitting that Hudson made a guest appearance last night, returning like a conquering hero, even though she finished in seventh place. She’s by far the most successful contestant with both a Grammy and an Oscar.

When the audience starts voting, “American Idol” becomes more of a popularity contest, anyway. But isn’t that what being a pop idol is all about; the ability to win fans with your charisma? Colton Dixon seems to be winning on that score.

Jessica was joined in the bottom three by Joshua Ledet and Elise Testone, who were also considered among the best singers.

Hollie Cavanagh seemed to have the bulls eye on her back after Jimmy Iovine dissed her. He called her “contrived” and “stiff.” Host Ryan Seacrest sent Cavanagh to one side of the stage and Sanchez to the other, setting up the drama.

Phillip Phillips, who is also one of the top contestants, was sent to stand with Cavanagh. His performance was considered one of the weakest, but this is a popularity contest now, and he definitely has a fan base. He got a pass.

Iovine was high on Ledet’s performance, calling it “natural” and “flawless. ”

Skylar Laine may be the dark horse in the competition. Although she hasn’t generated that much buzz compared with the other contestants, she’s one of the few who seems to have it all. Plus, she seems to be peaking at just the right time. Iovine said he was “floored” by her performance.

No one was more stunned when the bottom three were announced than Randy Jackson, the show veteran who has been with Idol from the beginning. America, he said, “got it wrong tonight. They got it so wrong.”

The judges are so high on Jessica she didn’t even have to sing for her save. “This girl is one of the best singers in America, ever,” Jackson pleaded. “Please vote for the best…. It’s about finding the best. I mean, come on.”

Sanchez, like Hudson, will have a career no matter what happens on stage. She’s already transcended the competition. So may the most popular singer, if not the best singer, win.