Charlie Sheen knows how to play off a joke. He’s spoofing his old show “Two and a Half Men,” with a promo for his new show “Anger Management.” Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Sheen starred for eight seasons on “Two and a Half Men” before a blow up with show co-creator Chuck Lorre unceremoniously led to his firing in 2010.

To cover the show’s story line, Lorre had Sheen’s character gruesomely “exploded like a meat balloon” in a Paris subway accident and hired Ashton Kutcher to take over the series. Sheen apparently decided to have some fun with the idea.

In a 15-second clip promoting his new FX show “Anger Management,” Sheen appears lying in a coffin with his eyes close as if he were dead. A voice solemnly intones: “Charlie Sheen died… and went to FX.”

Sheen suddenly comes alive in the coffin. He opens his eyes, crooks his head to one side and waves to the camera. The actor’s new show will debut on June 28, and Sheen is making amends in more ways than one.

Besides apologizing for remarks that led to his firing and swearing off his wild-man antics, Sheen has hired ex-wife Denise Richards to guest star in an episode as a business partner.

Charlie said the new series is his way of apologizing for his public meltdown and his decision to kick drugs. “It was a team effort that was ultimately led by myself because it has to be,” Sheen told Matt Lauer on the “Today Show.”

He called his “Torpedo of Truth” tour “cringeable” and said he didn’t “recognize” the person that he was.