Mel Gibson Goes South in 'Get the Gringo' Trailer (watch!) 1Mel Gibson is still cranking out movies in Hollywood, when he isn’t flipping his wig or making “vile, unforgivable” threats at writer Joe Eszterhas. His latest, “Get the Gringo,” is about fun and adventure south of the border, according to a new trailer.

Mel plays a career criminal who makes a big strike and has to get out of town fast because he’s got some money that belongs to bad guys. Really bad guys.

He makes it to the Mexican border where he’s promptly greeted by Mexican Federales. They cart him off to a dank prison where he has to learn how to survive with help from a 9-year-old boy.

The film has actually been in the can for a while and was previously known as “How I Spent My Summer Vacation.”

After fishing around for a distributor, Gibson decided to try a new strategy to market the film. It will premiere exclusively on DirectTV on May 1 and then go into wider release on Blu-ray and through Video on Demand. It will also be available for digital download.

Directed by Adrian Grunberg, who worked as a first assistant director with Gibson on “Apocalypto,” it will be released theatrically in Europe and Asia.

Gibson’s Icon Productions made the innovative deal with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment for a domestic direct-to-consumer release; by-passing theaters has nothing to do with his recent spate of bad publicity, according to

Check out the trailer below: