Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will return to the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, but this time as rivals. They’ll be supporting competing films, and likely won’t appear together.

Rob will be supporting his film “Cosmopolis,” while Kristen will be there to promote her film “On the Road.”

According to E! online, Rob will be attending the “On the Road” screening with Kristen. But that remains to be seen. Kristen more likely will be attending with her mom Jules Stewart, who will be in Cannes as well.

But that doesn’t mean Rob and Kristen won’t be hanging together when they get downtime. At this point, contractual obligations may keep them apart on the red carpet.

According to some reports, Rob stayed away from the red carpet debut of Paul McCartney’s new video in Los Angeles, which Kristen attended, because they have agreed not to only appear together at events to promote their last “Twilight film Breaking Dawn, Part 2.”

The film will hit theaters in November.

“On the Road” is about ’50s Beat Generation writer Jack Kerouac’s cross-country trip to discover America. Stewart plays a hot beatnik chick.

Rob plays a billionaire New York stock trader, who sets out in his limousine to get a morning haircut. Although the movie takes place over the course of a day, he takes a bizarre journey.