Pippa Middleton's Decadent French Party on Video (watch!) 1In what the French are calling le scandale Pippa, the future queen of England’s sister Pippa Middleton was captured on video at a decadent French birthday party.

The party was attended by an international jet-setting crowd of playboy millionaires and guests dressed like 16th Century Courtesans.

Video of the lavish Marie Antoinette-themed party was posted on the Web site of French television channel Canal+.

Pippa, who was spotted dressed as a risque French courtier, was filmed dancing among dwarfs and burlesque strippers, who were hired to perform. One stripper jumped out of a giant cake.

Pippa was interviewed by French news organization Le Petit Journal, which asked her what she thought of the ‘French flair.’ She replied: “Amazing!”

Many of those in the crowd were members of French aristocracy, including party host Vicomte Arthur de Soultrait, who threw the party to celebrate his 30th birthday.

Pippa was also seen with de Soultrait’s brother, the Vicomte Marcy and restaurateur and TV producer Antoine de Tavernost. according to London’s Daily Mail.

Pippa seemed to realize the implications of her appearance in front of the video cameras. She was reluctant to appear in front of the camera – but is equally reluctant to offend her hosts, according to the tabloid.

According to eye-witnesses, Prince William’s sister-in-law and Antoine de Tavernost sneaked off to a quiet corner at the debauched party and were seen kissing passionately.

The party was precursor to a disturbing incident hours after when Pippa was photographed in a car with a companions who brandished a gun at photographers.

The man with the gun has been identified as Romain Rabillard, 36, a lawyer who represents German gun manufacturer Heckler & Koch.

Check out the video below. Fast forward to 15 minutes to catch the Pippa coverage.

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