Selena Gomez exudes a saucier image in her Hit the Lights video. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Selena Gomez has released a saucy new video for her hit song “Hit the Lights.” It shows her in an urban setting and dancing at what looks like a rave. She definitely ups the sexual quotient in this version.

Selena dropped the first video version for the song last November and it was more in the spirit of bright lights and bubblegum. It opened with the singer in a field with lots of bright lights and balloons.

The new version is darker and more sexually charged. It opens instead with urban street scenes at night.

Selena appears walking down the street wearing silver ballet pumps and then it cuts to her dancing at a club or rave.

Other new scenes include flashes of a water balloon battle. The balloons, filed with colored water explode against a wall. There are also some crazy new scenes with flashlights.

The 19-year-old singer treated fans to a surprise performance at the El Captain Theatre as part of a Vevo Go Show yesterday and ramped up the sexiness once again. Gomez ware a black chiffon dress, a black bejeweled waistcoat and over-the-top stiletto boots made of lace that showed off her legs.

Selena debuted the new “Hit The Lights” video at the show.

“Thanks to everyone who came out to The El Captain today for the premiere of the new video for ” Hit the Lights”…'” she Tweeted afterward.

Check out the video below.