One Direction's Harry Styles Strips Down to Skivvies (watch!) 1Harry Styles of the UK boy band “One Direction” is fast replacing Justin Bieber as a teen heartthrob. He’s caught wearing just his Tommy Hilfiger underwear while fooling around with the boys in a new video.

Harry, 18, was running around backstage in his boxers while he and band mates prepared for a show.

Fellow One Direction singer Niall Horan posted a video of the action on Twitter, with a the link to a black–and-white photograph of Harry. “As we promised here is……#harryinhispants.” he Tweeted.

Check out Harry’s photos; click to enlarge.

One Direction's Harry Styles Strips Down to Skivvies (watch!) 2One Direction's Harry Styles Strips Down to Skivvies (watch!) 3One Direction's Harry Styles Strips Down to Skivvies (watch!) 4

The footage is part of a behind-the-scenes featurette for “Up All Night – The Live Tour” DVD. Harry goofs on shaving his legs, before shoving the razor in Liam Payne’s face. “No one wants to see that… or maybe they do,” Liam joked on Twitter.

While Harry is definitely the heartthrob of the group, he’s been getting a lot of snark on the Internet about his mop-top hair, especially after band mate Louis Tomlinson’s cutting remark about the band’s new dolls.

“We were really happy with the dolls, except Harry looks like Susan Boyle,” he said.

“It started off as a laugh but Harry is beginning to get annoyed as more and more people are saying it,” a source told London’s Star tabloid.
“Now his fans on Twitter have been mocking him over his Susan Boyle-style bouffant hair.”

Meanwhile, One Direction star Zayn Malik has fans scratching their heads over his Tweets. “In life we always fall for the person that will never fall for us always want something that we can’t and always say things we shouldn’t :s”

Any idea who he’s referring to? If so, let us know below and check out the video.