President Obama Slow Jams News on Jimmy Fallon (watch!) 1President Obama, looking relaxed and confident, joked with Jimmy Fallon in a special broadcast from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill campus. Obama said he wanted to “slow jam the news,” although the headlines were far less humorous.

The economy continues to flounder, Britain has officially slid back into recession and his administration is grappling with a Secret Service hooker scandal.

“I am so excited. This is unbelievable,” he said. “Tonight on the show, we have the President of the United States – Barack Obama! Wow.

“Unfortunately, though, a lot of people weren’t able to get tickets – and that includes students, professors, Joe Biden… ” Bada-boom.

More immediately, for UNC seniors, who graduate in little over two weeks, good luck finding a job. The unlucky will also face mountains of student debt.

While it’s hard to see the humor in that, Fallon did his best to prep the audience for what he called the “Holy Crap Edition!”

“I want to slow jam the news,” Fallon said. “And, I’m not the only one.”

With that, the curtain opened and out walked the president. “I’m President Barack Obama and I, too, want to slow jam the news,” he said after taking the stage.

Obama said he has asked Congress to stop interest rates from rising on student loans this summer when they are set to double.

“Awww yeah, you should listen to The President, or as I like to call him, The Preezy of the United Steezy,” Fallon said as the band broke into some mood music.

Check out the video below: