Beyonce in public.

Beyonce closely guards her privacy. (Photo: INFDaily)

Beyonce has no plans to be a clown in Kim Kardashian’s media circus. The singer, who was just voted People’s most beautiful woman, reportedly has drawn the line on appearing in public with Kim and boyfriend Kanye West.

The report by UK music Web site HeatWorld seems a little to hard to believe, given that her husband Jay-Z and West are close friends.

Kardashian would be pretty hard to avoid if Jay and Kayne are hanging out together, but Beyonce, who closely guards her private life, fears being portrayed as a face in the background in the reality television personality’s publicity stunts.

Beyonce already has been dragged into one media frenzy after USWeekly reported that Kanye had called Kim “my Beyonce.” Kanye quickly denied the rumor.

The new mothe’s presence in Kim’s company might also be portrayed as condoning Kardashian’s reality television lifestyle, where so much of what she does is designed to play to the cameras.

Kim on the other hand, reportedly has been super excited about hanging out with the music superstar, which would definitely elevate her image after the fiasco she made out of her wedding to basketballer Kris Humphries.

Bey, like so many people, really thought the wedding extravaganza was tacky and is no fan of Reality TV, a source told the magazine.

It’s hard to believe, however, that Beyonce would be anything but gracious in Kim’s company, because that is how she is. But the fear of being used or manipulated by Kim are real.

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