Justin Bieber has a new friend, a very close friend, and his fans call him “Jerry.” When you have 21 million Twitter fans, apparently nothing about Biebs goes unnoticed, including… his penis?

The name has been trending on Twitter as growing number of Beliebers get in on the joke. Someone named his penis “Jerry” and it apparently has stuck. The Biebs confirmed it himself.

In an interview on London radio, DJ James Barr was obviously on the outside looking in. As he took fan questions, someone wanted to know how Jerry was, ahem, hanging. “Who is Jerry?” Barr asked.

The conversation began when Barr noted that Justin is on the same bill for the UK Summertime Ball with bands like Coldplay, Usher Jesse J, Katy Perry and boy band The Wanted.

Barr noted that Beibs is quite the back stage prankster, and Justin relayed how he jokingly punched The Wanted’s Siva Kaneswaran “in the nuts.”

That seemed like the perfect segue for Barr to pop the Jerry question. “It brings me nicely to last night’s awkward trend on Twitter, which I have to apologize for. (The Brits are so polite!)

I was asking loads of your fans for questions, and this one fan Tweets ‘Oh, you know, ask about Jerry; how’s Jerry; is Jerry loving the UK. I’m like, ‘Who is Jerry?'”

“My fans are a little inappropriate,” Bieber smirked.

Bieber had no idea how fans came up with the name. “I don’t know, it’s just what they named it,” he said. “Jerry seems kind of like … ‘My name is Jerry…'”

Check out the interview below. It’s hilarious.

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