Reality TV star Kim Kardashian was glowing in Kanye West’s arms as they tested public reaction to their dating. But suddenly Kim is acting like she’s fearful of another backlash.

The change of heart could have been triggered by singer Beyonce, who reportedly has no plans to be seen with Kim, even though Kayne and her husband Jay-Z are good friends.

Kim, 31, suddenly seemed radioactive all over again. While Kayne, 34, can open doors for her, his A-list friends likely want nothing to do with the reality television star, whose life is geared around publicity stunts.

That may have caused Kanye to rethink the relationship, especially if he feels it may isolate him from one of his best buddies.

In any event, the two have taken their relationship on the down low. The duo met for an hour at the same midtown hotel in New York today, but arrived and left separately. They even used different doors.

Kayne seemed all business and was carrying his laptop computer.

The scene was a marked departure from a few nights ago when they paraded in front of the paparazzi holding hands and cuddled at Scott Disick’s restaurant launch. Kim also flashed studs of the rapper’s initials in her ears.

But their obvious effort to avoid being seen together caused a raft of new speculation about their relationship. The family also seems wary of about the impact of the relationship on Kim’s damaged image.

Sister Khloe Kardashian, who has channeled the family’s feelings lately, insisted the relationship was not serious. The move seemed designed to blunt criticism. After all, Kim is still technically married to basketballer Kris Humphries.

She’s already been lambasted for disrespecting the institution of marriage, and Kanye has a real reputation as a lady’s man who likes to date around.

Humphries also has reportedly told his lawyers to zero in on the relationship during his upcoming divorce trial. He thinks it’s nothing more than a publicity stunt.

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