Kristen Stewart is reportedly out of Focus. Could Will Smith persuade her to rejoin?

Kristen Stewart is reportedly out of Focus. Could Will Smith persuade her to rejoin?

Kristen Stewart has apparently decided that “Focus” is a little to fuzzy for her now that hot leading man Ben Affleck is out of the picture. But Will Smith is now in talks for his role; could that persuade Kristen to rejoin the film?

The movie is a comedy drama from directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, best known for the movie “Crazy, Stupid Love.”

The leading man is a veteran con artist who enlists the help of a beautiful novice partner and falls for her. Their relationship becomes complicated when the con man runs into an old flame while working a scam in Buenos Aries.

Affleck dropped out of the picture last December a month after Stewart was revealed to be in talks to sign on as his love interest. She reportedly pulled out weeks ago, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Affleck’s role still up in the air.

One of the reasons Stewart backed out was their age difference, according to Variety. But with Smith in the lead role, he and Stewart could provide an interesting dynamic.

Although their age difference is substantial, Smith is 44 and Stewart is 23, it’s no greater than Stewart’s with Affleck, who is 40. The idea of an interracial love angle, on the other hand, would be interesting to say the least.

Stewart, who is now confirmed to appear in a 2015 “Snow White and the Huntsman” sequel, reportedly has another project she’s trying to fit into her scheduled, which may also have presented problems with going forward on “Focus.”

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone who had co-starred in “Crazy, Stupid Love” were first mentioned for the film. Both actors had other commitments and Brad Pitt was reportedly approached before Affleck.

Smith is a solid box office draw and Stewart would be crazy not to work with him. The project was set to begin filming this month, but that’s obviously now out of the question.