Beyonce unveils her first ad for Swedish retailer H&M.

Beyonce unveils her first ad for Swedish retailer H&M.

Beyoncé showed off her new look, flowing jet-back hair while on vacation in Cuba; now she puts it to work in a new advertisement for European clothing retailer H&M. In fact, the singer is almost all hair and little. She wears the tiniest bikini in the beach scene.

The commercial plays off the 31-year-old singer’s sweet, wholesome side and her devilish persona, Sasha Fierce. And her hair is one of the differences.

She frolics on the beach in the Bahamas shifting between characters, who are distinguished by her flowing blonde hair in one instance and her mysterious and seductive dark haired look in the next.

The advertisement also ties in to her current “Mrs Carter Show World Tour.” She’s billed as Mrs. Carter in the ad, a reference to husband Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter.

Further mixing music and marketing, Beyoncé sings “Standing in the Sun” off her latest album. Director Jonas Åkerlund said he wanted the video to represent nature’s four basic elements, wind, earth, sun and, well, Beyoncé. (Actually, it’s fire.)

“It was a beautiful shoot on a tropical island,” says Beyoncé. “It felt more like making a video than a commercial.”

She’s in full performance mode singing and dancing in the spot. She shows no sign she had a baby last January. Even so, she’s banned all photography at her show to avoid the release of unflattering photos, according to London’s Daily Mail.

Beyoncé was named in March as the face of the Swedish chain’s global summer campaign. Check out the video below and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest fashion and music updates.