justin-bieberJustin Bieber apologized to fans once for allegedly smoking pot and said he’d never do it again. He apparently had his fingers crossed. Swedish police raided his tour bus yesterday (Apr. 24) and found a “small quantity” of alleged marijuana and a stun gun inside, according to reports.

Bieber tried to blow off the reports today as “rumors,” even though Swedish police confirmed the raid.

“Some of the rumors about me….where do people even get this stuff. whatever… back to the music,” he wrote on the social networking site, apparently referring to two other reported incidents.

The bus was empty and parked in the underground garage at the Globen concert venue in Stockholm when police searched it.

Bieber gave a show there on Wednesday (Apr. 24) and had entered the arena about a half-hour before police entered the bus.

Authorities were reportedly tipped to drug use by heavy marijuana smoke coming from the bus earlier in the day when it was parked outside Bieber’s hotel. ”A colleague felt a strong smell of marijuana, like someone had been smoking in the bus,” said police spokesman Lars Byström.

The confiscated substance has been sent to a laboratory for a full analysis, according to police.

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Bieber was linked to pot use when a photograph went viral on the Internet in January showing him at a party holding what clearly appeared to be a marijuana joint.

Justin made light of the incident, but also apologized for it when he appeared on “Saturday Night Live” in March. During a skit, he posed as a Justin-Bieber-hating Miley Cyrus fan.

“I also heard he got busted for smoking weed and he’s really sorry about it and people make mistakes and he’s never gonna do it again,” Justin said referring to himself. Apparently he really was joking.

During the tour, the European media have reported on a number of incidents involving the teen pop star. He reportedly had a blow up over a photo shoot in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was shooting the spot for Elizabeth Arden.

Then he refused to leave a tip after a restaurant provided a complimentary dinner for him and Selena Gomez. “It was very low class and just disrespectful. Selena acted like a true lady, but Justin acted like an entitled punk,” according to radaronline.