Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Do they walk too far apart to suggest real love?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Do they walk too far apart to suggest real love?

Kim Kardashian talks a good game about wanting to marry her baby daddy Kanye West. But is her world famous body saying something else? A renowned body-language expert says she sees anything but happiness in their gestures and movements.

Dr. Lillian Glass, author of “A Guide to “Toxic People: 10 Ways Of Dealing With People Who Make Your Life Miserable,” says she sees five unmistakable signs in their body language.

Her conclusion: Kim and Kanye secretly disdain each other.

If her observations are correct, it flies in the face of KIm’s numerous statements that she is anxious to get married to West now that her divorce from estranged husband Kris Humphries has been finalized.

The relationship has always been a little suspect. Kanye has made his affections known to Kim over the years, but she continually passed him over. Instead she seemed to favor professional athletes.

When she pulled the plug on her second marriage to Humphries only 72 days after their blowout wedding, Kim was toxic. For public relations purposes, she needed a rebound relationship as quickly as possible, and West conveniently fit the bill.

But according to Glass, it’s clearly apparent from their body language that they both are merely going through the motions. She makes the following observations from the latest photos of their reunion:

1. You see consistently both of them having unhappy expressions. They never smile and there is always facial tension between them.

2. When seen in public, there is too much physical distance between them; this is a tell tale sign of people who dislike each other.

3. They regularly look in opposite directions with one of them looking down, a bad sign for any relationship.

4. They pull away from one another as though they are repulsed by one another.

5. They literally give one another the cold shoulder with one shoulder being raised towards the other as you see Kanye doing to Kim in several recent photos.

Now that Kim is officially divorced, the ball is in her court, so-to-speak. She’s already starting to back-peddle. In a recent interview she said she was “hypocritical” for criticizing sister Kourtney Kardashian for being an unwed mother of two children.

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