Beyonce posted this photo from her tour on a social media site.

Beyonce posted this photo from her tour on a social media site.

Beyoncé has left no doubt that she’s a major diva on the latest leg of her “Mrs. Carter Tour” in Europe. She’s made a number of oddball demands from every venue where she performs. Would you believe $900 titanium straws to sip water?

The straws, which sound like something the Pentagon might order, go along with new toilet seats in every bathroom. And she wants them stocked with red toilet paper.

But that’s no all. She insists on acid neutralizing alkaline water and hand-carved ice balls to suck on (ahem!) during the show. She also wants her water cooled to precisely 69.8 degrees (21C), according to London’s Daily Star, which obtained a copy of a rider attached to her contract at London’s O2 Arena.

Performers have long been known to make outrageous demands from the venues where they perform. While, Beyoncé’s list of demands rank near the top, they are far from the most ridiculous.

Madonna reportedly traveled with a “sterilization team” to wipe up DNA that she might have left behind from her hair, skin or saliva, according to London tabloid The Mirror. She not only refuses to let anyone into her dressing room, but stage hands are told not to even look through an open door.

Beyonce passed over newly refurbished dressing rooms at the O2 Arena because they weren’t big enough. She chose an older room instead because it was larger and more secluded.

In fact, it’s so big, it’s used for entire sports teams as a locker room. She had the room decorated with curtains, sofas and rugs even though she was only using it for two nights.

Beyoncé also demanded 100 percent cotton clothing for all backstage personnel.

Pop star Katy Perry included a provision to set aside tickets so she and and her close staffers can shuffle them off to “resellers,” read scalpers, for “distribution to the public” on the “secondary market,” effectively ripping off her fans.

Miley Cyrus asked for 102 red roses scented with vanilla for her hotel room in the impoverished nation of Ecuador, according to her contract rider, that leaked to local newspapers. She also demanded a refrigerator stocked with broccoli, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, fruit and beer.

Justin Bieber also wasted no time making outrageous tour demands despite his humble background. On his first big tour as a 16-year-old he demanded all kinds of candy, potato chips and four loaves of bread.

But this request tops them all. Lady Gaga reportedly asked for a story mannequin with puffy pink pubic hair. Yikes!

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