SelenaGomez-ComeandGetItSelena Gomez finally unveiled (literally) the new video for her sexy pop song “Come & Get It.” She immediately drew comparisons to pop princess Britney Spears when Spears was coming out with a new, sexier more adult image. Are the similarities too close for comfort?

If imitation is the sincerest from of flattery as the saying goes, then Selena was paying Spears, also a former Disney teen queen, a huge compliment.

But Gomez also told MTV that she was just a flattered that some were comparing her to the pop icon. Spears Tweeted compliments to Gomez after the song premiered at the MTV Music Video Awards.

Gomez acknowledged that Spears inspired things like her choice of clothes and her racy dance scenes.

Spears exploded on the music scene with her over-the-top video for “…Baby One More Time.” Her forays grew more sexual and more daring with each new production. But she forever shed her Disney school-girl innocence with her 2001 clip “I’m a Slave 4 U.”

“I think she’s one of the best that made that transition,” said Gomez.

Selena’s video for “Come and Get It,” marks the same sea-change in image for the soon-to-be-21-year-old singer. “I honestly feel like it’s the best video I’ve done,” Selena told fans.

The video debuted today (May 7) on MTV. The clip plays off New Age spirituality and Eastern religion, with earth, wind water and fire, the ancient forces of life, as a theme.

Of note in the video, Selena goes without the Hindu Bindi that caused so much controversy during previews of the song at the MTV Video Music Awards and on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.” Hindi groups protested her use of the religious symbol and scolded her for using it for “seductive effects” and a “fashion accessory” aimed at “mercantile greed.”

Selena said she loved the “tribal” theme of the video. “It was very earthy and I loved that,” she said. Each frame was like a cover shoot, she added.

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