Paris Jackson is reportedly feuding with her grandmother, Katherine Jackson.

Paris Jackson is reportedly feuding with her grandmother, Katherine Jackson.

Paris Jackson, the fetching daughter of the late pop idol Michael Jackson, has had apparently had enough Jackson family drama. She’s reportedly staying with her birth mother after a blow out argument with Grandma Katherine Jackson.

The details are sketchy and mostly rumored, but there’s no question Paris has been having a difficult time with her immediate family members.

What’s also known is that she has renewed ties with her birth mother, Debbie Rowe.

Rowe, 54, met the singer while she was working as a nurse for Dr. Arnold Klein, who treated Jackson for vitiligo. He had just divorced first with Lisa Marie Presley. After Rowe said she agreed to bear children for him, she became pregnant and they married in 1996.

She’s the natural mother of Paris and older sibling Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., who is also known as Prince. At the time, she signed away all parental rights for an undisclosed sum of money. They divorced in 1999.

The latest report claims that Paris, who turned 15 in April, has moved out of her grandmother’s home and is now living with Rowe on her horse farm. She spent her birthday with Rowe, according to reports.

But there was no hint of dissension in the family, judging from Paris’s steady steam of Tweets. Most of her posts have been about the upcoming school year.

Paris’s biggest desire is to lead a normal life, without the trappings or burdens of being a celebrity.

Paris is reportedly making plans for a clean break from the family when she turns 16, and can legally apply for emancipation, or the right to live on her own.

“I’m sure when Paris hits 16 she will take herself out of that Jackson clan, walk out of that door and never turn back,” Mark Lester, who is godfather to Michael’s three children, told British magazine Grazia.

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