Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may be on the outs again. Then, again, maybe not.

Robert Pattinson turned 27 on Monday (May 13), but Kristen Stewart wasn’t part of the celebration, despite fanciful tabloid reports that she was planning a big birthday splash for the “Twilight” hunk. What happened?

At least the perception that something went amiss stems from wildly fanciful tabloid reports, principally in gossip site hollywoodlife.

The website claimed it had “sources” who said Kristen was planning a big birthday bash for Rob and they would spend it together. But it looks now like hollywoodlife made up the story. Or their so-called sources really had no clue what was going on.

The website has been criticized in the past for fabricating stories, notably by sites like gossipcop.

Kristen was photographed Monday night driving around with friends, looking downcast. Rob was nowhere in sight. Instead, Kristen was with girlfriends.

A photographer who snapped photos of her in the car reported that Kristen looked really upset.

“Kristen was pacing back-and-forth in her friend’s apartment, smoking. She looked really upset, talking on the phone for almost an hour — I’m guessing she was talking to Rob,” he told X-17 online.

“She was really animated, like she was trying to explain something. She was getting frustrated and seemed very emotional,” the photographer claimed.

While the development would seem to raise questions about their relationship, the hype and misleading stories may be making the situation worse than it seems. Rob isn’t the type to make a big to-do about his birthday. He likely had a few beers with some chums and that’s it.

The “Twilight” stars are reportedly attending the Cannes Film Festival together later this week. In all likelihood Rob is already there because of contractual obligations.

They also celebrated Kristen’s birthday just last month, partying with pals and all smiles. That may have given hollywoodlife license to go off on its flight of fancy about Rob’s birthday.

Of course, hollywoodlife isn’t the only website with egg on its face. Perez Hilton reported that Kristen bought him a custom-made snooker table. The game is like pool without pockets. It’s popular in England, but Rob prefers straight pool, so take that report with a grain of salt too.

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